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Re: "private" OID numbers?

In message <BA8FDADF-26A8-11D7-9AF2-00039349B214@slis.indiana.edu> on Sun, 12 Jan 2003 22:40:15 -0500, John Fieber <jfieber@slis.indiana.edu> said:

jfieber> Pardon me if this is documented in an obvious location that I
jfieber> missed, but are there OID numbers reserved for private use in
jfieber> the same sense as IP numbers reserved for private network use
jfieber> (eg, 192.168.x.x)?

No.  How would that work?

If you want an arc for your own private use, you can request one.
Look at http://www.alvestrand.no/objectid/ and follow
the link.

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