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Re: PHP+LDAP not really works

lør, 2003-01-11 kl. 13:20 skrev Veres Imre:

> It's my first email to the list os firstly let me introduce myself: My
> name is Imre Veres aged 27, I'm working in Hungary at the fourth biggest
> hungarian software company. We are working for banks and other financial
> institutes.

> There is a working openldap 2.0.27 here which serve authenticating with
> Samba, Apache and internal SSH, moreover ldap tree contains all data
> from our colleagues and going to serve intranet applications. This is my
> real problem now, I'm using PHP 4.2.2 (RedHat 8.0) and the modify
> function to LDAP works in 40% of the cases without any error or
> warning,  works another 20% with warnings and doesn't work in the rest
> of the cases either. I can't understand this situation. They could not
> help me in the PHP list because my PHP code is perfect. :-) I think
> there is some weird thing in the LDAP side. 
> I have LDAP server logs for the working and non-working cases. I can see
> differences but I don't understand that. I do not know attachments are
> permitted here but if they do, I will send them to the list (12 kb with
> loglevel=1792). I can send php code and every settings of ldap, too if
> they might help.

I swear to you there is nothing wrong with either LDAP or PHP4 LDAP
functions, except that the logic of each separate function can be a bit
hard to follow at first (you get used to it with practice :)

The PHP lists are useless for this, no-one there seems ever to heard of
LDAP, except for regarding it as some sort of database; there are no
questions asked and none answered - except yours, obviously :-) Quite
remarkable, in fact.

I have my own LDAP/PHP4 utilites (written myself) running
(user-modifiable address books, etc), and there are things like
LDAPExplorer, John Hallam's stuff, Horde's Turba and Imp and more -
Wrox, O'Reilly, system programmers' work -  running worldwide on a daily
basis in large volumes.

Quite another thing, is that you should, if you are working for the
fourth largest software company in Hungary, by now be looking at PHP 4.3
and Openldap 2.10, at least.

You should also be examining your networking software (like your -
Linux??? - kernel) and connection, since connects and binds should not
fail in 40% of all cases: Either they should work abslutely, or they
shouldn't work at all. I can only say in my own experience, that there's
a world of difference even between Openldap 2.1.8 and 2.1.10 in
reliability under stress over TCP.

If you are still not convinced, write to the people who wrote the PHP
LDAP stuff, like Stig Sæther Bakken and Stig Venaas. They're good kids,
very knowledgable too and will surely help you further.





Tony Earnshaw

When all's said and done ...
there's nothing left to say or do.

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