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Re: looking for text-based ldap utility


On Friday 10 January 2003 02:39, Allan Streib wrote:
> Wondering if anyone knows of a text-based utility that would allow entry of
> search filters and display the results, along the lines of Sybase isql or
> Oracle sql-plus.  Yes I know I can use ldapsearch but I am looking more for
> something that will let me connect and authenticate once and then let me
> send multiple queries to the directory interactively.  Ideally I could set
> the desired search base and attributes and then submit varying filters
> repeatedly.
> The ability to do modifies/adds/deletes would be a plus but not required.

Maybe ldapsh (http://sourceforge.net/projects/ldapsh) is worth a try.
According to it's description it is "an LDAP shell entirely written in Perl. 
With it, you can search entries, apply some changes to them (massive 
updates), display some entry attributes... The shell support command 
completion, DN completion, online help and a lot of more feature"


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