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Too many slapd processes

Hi fellows,

I've got a strange thing going on here or at least it seems strange to me.

I've got a LDAP-Server set up on a RedHat 7.3 System from which Client-Systems (RedHat 7.3) fetch their information for user-authentication (posix-accounts, passwd, group, nss_ldap, etc.). User-authentication works fine. But it seems that clients send unnecessary requests to the server since when I start the LDAP server I get 35 slapd-processes forked up in no time and the LDAP server eventually locks up or at least refuses any new ldap queries.

It seems to me that the clients are sending user lookup requests to the ldap-server even if they already found a matching entry in the flat-files (passwd,group) (strace su - ).

nsswitch.conf and pam configuration seem to be correct.

Has anybody experienced this problem before and can give me a hint? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance,

Thomas Rahn
Senior Consultant
anykey GmbH consulting & service
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