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Re: Errors building OpenLDAP 2.1.9.. binaries anyone?

lør, 2003-01-04 kl. 01:44 skrev Sam Ewing:

> I am trying to build openldap 2.1.9 on Redhat linux
> (7.3) with Berkeley DB 4.0 installed in the usual
> place (/usr/local/BerkeleyDB4.0). The configure
> command for openldap fails with a "configure: error:
> BDB: BerkeleyDB version incompatible" error. When I
> try forcing it through, make fails with a bunch of
> compile errors. Any help appreciated.

Just a tip or 2: Make sure either:

1: That there's no db.h file in /usr/include (back up the old one first,
other things might need it later), or;

2: That /usr/include/db.h is a symlink from

Including a CPPFLAGS="-I/ ..." path to the db.h includes and
LDFLAGS="-L/ ..." path to the libraries before the ./configure command
will probably also be necessary.

If you are compiling 2.1.9, then you shouldn't - it should be 2.1.10 -
there are noticeable improvements. If you're using either, download and
install BDB 4.1, same there.




Tony Earnshaw

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