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RE: Restricted replication

If you are using openldap 2.1.x you can selectively replicate attributes using the ‘attr’ directive in the slapd.conf file under your replica statement for a given slave.  For example:


replica host=




   bindmethod=simple credentials="password”

   attr!=homeTelephoneNumber, streetAddress


The ‘attr!=’ equality tells slurpd not to replicate the attributes on the right side of the equality.  An ‘attr =’ statement would dictate the attributes that you wanted to replicate.




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Subject: Restricted replication


hi alls and happy new year!!


at my system i have a master server and several slaves. well, i want add one more slave, but this slave is special because it isnt at my network but at the network of my client. ok i dont want that he see all attributes for each entry.


i have to export all attributes for each entry to this new slave because if master try to replicate one attribute that dont exists at the new slave i will have one replication error.


are there any ways to restrict the replication only for some attributes?


i know that there are restrict for users and for branchs  of the tree server.


if there not ways, do somebody suggest other solution?


thanks for all and kind regards!