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Re: Getting Hosts to work.

ons, 2003-01-01 kl. 07:18 skrev Anthony Dean:

> I really like like the idea of every machine on my network having a 
> detailed directory entry with useful information, and why should I then 
> duplicate hostname and IP address into another database?


I appreciate you sharing your experience with me. That's the only way to
lever people over to your own point of view ;) And that's one of the
fantastic things about Unix: There are so many ways of accomplishing a
desired aim. Moreover, *somebody* always knows more than someone else,
and vice versa. Sharing knowledge between 2 people is worth 4 brains.

Of course info about objects in a network/an organizaton should both be
cataloged and available to those with rights to it. Why not combine DNS
with it? That's what made me Novell minded. It's just that each of us
has his own idea of the way to go about things, and that's just how it
should be.

And thanks for the pointers - I'll definitely follow them up.




Tony Earnshaw

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