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Re: Authentification System Help !!!

Vincèn Pujol:
> 		Hi,
> 	I'm new with OpenLDAP on Mandrake 9. I have succeeded to setup a 
> database on my system but I understand really nothing on rights of 
> accesses to the database. How the system decides who can access in read 
> only, or read write to the database, and how do I create additional 
> accounts ??
> 	Please if you can explain me clearly or point me to some documents !!
> 		Thanks a lot

First of all, you didn't mention what version of OpenLDAP you're using.
Anyway, for 2.0-tree of OpenLDAP you can read about access-control here:
and  here for the 2.1-tree

as for adding users and more on access you could read this tutorial:

A good hint would also be to try a little google'ing :-) you could find
these pages for yourself.

Best regards

Bjørn Ove Grøtan

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