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Re: Getting Hosts to work.

You represent the remaining 1%. What you are attempting to do is replace
a NIS-based hosts database with an ldap based one. Its only possible
justification would be, if that were to use it as a single reference for
many hosts on a confined network, to make administration reasier. This
is how people did things in the 1980s, until confined networks became
today's Internet.

The internet is just a large collection of confined networks, and as you noted there are times when it's easier to administer hosts in LDAP. Both Solaris and HP-UX seem to be moving this way.

Today people use DNS.

It's a perfectly fine protocol. Why do you think it matters what the database is actually stored in though? A LDAP->DNS bridge is hardly magic or even complicated.

man hosts
cat /etc/hosts
cat /etc/resolv.conf
man resolver


I don't think anyone is suggesting using LDAP to resolve names across the internet, but on individual confined networks it works fine and makes a lot of sense. I've got more servers than I care to think about that will _never_ get any sort of connection from the internet, let alone a DNS query.

I really like like the idea of every machine on my network having a detailed directory entry with useful information, and why should I then duplicate hostname and IP address into another database?