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Re: multiple password attributes...

tir, 2002-12-10 kl. 18:05 skrev Paul Reilly:

> Is anyone using a LDAP in an authentication environment with
> multiple service based password fields?
> I want a NIS type schema for authenticating access to services. I could
> reproduce the same tree per service, each with duplicated user details
> including the password field, but that seems wasteful. I'd like to have
> say 3 password attributes, each for a different service.

Strange, most people want Single Sign Ons these days. What you want is
what they already have and want to get away from.

I'm looking forward to reading the solution(s) to your problem.

> How does OpenLDAP know which attribute to check the bind credentials
> against?

My 2 cents' worth: different logins (CNs, DCs etc in the DN)? How would
=you= give a unique user 3 different passwords in NIS or /etc/shadow?
Then how do you suppose you could give a unique DN 3 different




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