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Re: multiple password attributes...

tir, 2002-12-10 kl. 22:35 skrev Tony Earnshaw:

> I'm looking forward to reading the solution(s) to your problem.
> > How does OpenLDAP know which attribute to check the bind credentials
> > against?
> My 2 cents' worth: different logins (CNs, DCs etc in the DN)? How would
> =you= give a unique user 3 different passwords in NIS or /etc/shadow?
> Then how do you suppose you could give a unique DN 3 different
> passwords?

Curiouser and curiouser, said Alice as she began to shrink and went on

GQ can give uid Torgeir 2 completely different passwords, one crypt and
one clear text, and he can do a pam_ldap based login to a system
terminal (on the same machine) with either one. Now all we have to do is
to get each different service to allow just one of them. Would that,
too, be a pam solution?




Tony Earnshaw

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