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Intermittent problems in connection to slapd

OpenLDAP: 2.0.19
database: ldbm
Server OS: Windows 2000 Server
Client OS: Windows 2000


I need some help in figuring out a problem I'm experiencing. 

I've two sites where my C client ldap programs (using OpenLDAP libs)
sometimes cannot bind to OpenLDAP slapd server. I would get "Can't
contact LDAP server". This problem will persist for about 20 minutes and
then the bind attempts will work again. Multiple client PCs trying to
contact the server will experience the problem at the same time.

The authentication used by the clients did not change between attempts.
slapd was running the whole time. I can ping the server computer from
the client PC during the problem period.

Has anyone experience this problem before? Any help, areas to explore
will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.