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RE: Two slapd instances on same db?

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> Is it viable to have two instances of slapd - one read/write and one 
> read only - sharing the same database - I'm using ldbm with 2.1.8?


> My ldapservice is read only except for updates from one host.
> I would like to have TLSVerifyClient = hard for the updates 
> but not for 
> binds from my users. I can't find any other way to do it than running 
> one instance for the updates with TLSVerifyClient = hard and another 
> for the binds and reads with TLSVerifyClient = try.

Leave the TLSVerifyClient setting on "try" and set an ACL that only allows
write access to the DN of the update host's certificate. Use SASL/EXTERNAL
for the update host's bind requests.

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