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Re: Problem with slow localhost connections

On Fri, Dec 06, 2002 at 06:45:51PM -0500, Allan Streib wrote:

> I have suddenly started seeing delays of up to 10 seconds when doing
> an ldapsearch on localhost, after being up and running for over two
> weeks with no problems at all.  It is intermittent, but more often
> than not.  The activity in the slapd log shows that the delay appears
> to be outside of ldap, by which I mean that once the connection is
> logged everything happens very quickly.  Also watching netstat I don't
> see the localhost ldap connection for some seconds when this happens.
> In one case ran tcpdump on the lo interface and saw no activity for
> apoximately 6 seconds after I initiated the ldapsearch command.

This sounds like a DNS problem to me. Check that you can resolve these
names from the box you are having trouble with:

	localhost.<your domain name>

Use 'dig' if you have it, otherwise 'nslookup'.

They should all resolve in well under a second on a correctly-running
machine (dig reports 18ms on mine, which is passing DNS queries across
the net to a nearby machine).

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