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Re: LDAP server redundancy

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Okke Timm wanted us to know:

>> elementary round robin will be used.
>Only if the local resolver doesn't cache the results. DNS is the worst 
>place for load balancing. 

Set the TTL to something like 10 seconds and the cacheing DNS's will
retire that record very shortly after it looks up.  Adjust 10 seconds 
up or down to fit your needs.  Zero is a valid TTL as well.

>OT rant: BIND is a bug-ridden (countless times exploited), memory hogging  
>piece of bloatware that should have been replaced by something small and 
>secure a long time ago. Get rid of it.

Have you looked around for anything else that can do what bind can?  I
have.  djbdns is the closest but his licensing prohibits it from being
included in any decent distro.  I am unsure if I like the concept of
using rsync to do zone transfers.
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