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Re: LDAP server redundancy

fre, 2002-12-06 kl. 09:42 skrev marc.bigler@day.com:

> I wanted to know when specifying two or more LDAP servers in an application
> which uses the OpenLDAP client library, will they be used in a round-robin
> fashion or will always the first LDAP server get used and only if it's down
> then the second one ?

If you use BIND DNS for your name resolution (at least with BIND 9 and
greater, although I've been forcibly dragged by the short and curlies
through 4.7+ and 8.1+ and have with relief forgotten them) and use 2
zone A records with the same FQDN, each with a different IP number, an
elementary round robin will be used. Irrespective of what Openldap
provisions there might be :-)))




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