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Re: listen-on-ip-address issue

fre, 2002-12-06 kl. 11:12 skrev Arjen van Drie:

> My question: why is there no traffic over this interface ( over port 389,
> but connects through e.g. ssh do not work if I don't let slapd bind on port 389 on
> this interface?

I'm trying hard to understand what you are asking. I speak and write
fluent Dutch (have done so for 25 years), but even translating what you
write back into Dutch doesn't make sense (in English that's called
double Dutch).

I have the following in Red Hat /etc/rc.d/init.d/ldap:

daemon ${slapd} -u ldap -h '"ldap:/// ldaps:///"'

It works for unencrypted TCP bind on port 389, SSL encrypted
bind on port 636 and TLS encrypted bind on port 389.

I don't use ssh to Openldap.

Obviously I couldn't run my local daemon on another machine in the
network. If I had to run the daemon locally on a second interface, let's
say I had eth0 configured as your, that would work too. I
just tried it, and it worked. Don't say that's not brotherly love :-)



Openldap 2.1.8, Sleepycat BDB 4.1.24


Tony Earnshaw

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