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Re: Writing transaction log / multiple replication logs?

On 3 Dec 2002, Erik Forsberg wrote:

> The manual mentions, in section of
> http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin20/slapdconfig.html, that the replogfile
> directive can be used to write a transaction log if slurpd is not
> running. How do I configure slapd to do that? Do I need to have some
> kind of dummy replica entry?

Configure replicas, but don't start slurpd.

> Another question: Can I configure slapd to write more than one
> replication log? I'd like one for my replication, and one for my
> read-replication-log-and-do-stuff hack. I could let my hack read the
> log and then write it out to another file that slurpd could read, but
> having two logs would be safer.

Yes; I do that.  I have several directories, mastered on several hosts
slaved to each other (long story), and a slurpd looks after each master.
Needed a bit of trickery...

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