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Re: passwd not working with OpenLDAP / PAM

> 'Spect that's because it's already in a FAQ at Padl. It's in the
> archives for this particular list, at any rate, with all kinds of
> helpful advice.

Unfortunately there is no FAQ on padl, or they just dont want
anybody to find it...

> If you're comfortable with compiling things, get hold of the latest Padl
> libpam_ldap and libpam_nss, compile and install them. They have examples
> of what you'll have to change in the passwd and login pam.d or pam.conf
> routines. If you're lucky, the pam.d examples will work right out of the
> box.

Unfortunatley whether the one (compiling) nor the examples worked

> If not, then there's masses of advice in Openldap's archives a
> couple of months ago.

Jep, searched them, read them, but everything whats there written
as a hint (e.g. nsswitch.conf, ldap.conf, etc. pp.) is configured
well here.


Matthias Eichler <mylists@ame.de>
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