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Re: passwd not working with OpenLDAP / PAM

fre, 2002-11-22 kl. 11:50 skrev Matthias Eichler:

> first, I know that there is a special pam_ldap-mailinglist, but
> unfortunately my posting there was not so succesful, so maybe here
> somebody knows what to do.

'Spect that's because it's already in a FAQ at Padl. It's in the
archives for this particular list, at any rate, with all kinds of
helpful advice.

> I've got a fresh LDAP / SAMBA / PAM setup running here on:
> Debian 3 (x68) with:
>         - openldap-2.1.8
>         - libpam 0.72-35
>         - libpam-ldap 140-1
>         - libpam-smbpass 2.2.3a-6
>         - libnss-ldap 186-1

If you're comfortable with compiling things, get hold of the latest Padl
libpam_ldap and libpam_nss, compile and install them. They have examples
of what you'll have to change in the passwd and login pam.d or pam.conf
routines. If you're lucky, the pam.d examples will work right out of the
box. If not, then there's masses of advice in Openldap's archives a
couple of months ago.




Tony Earnshaw

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