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what is the magnitude of openldap replication delay


How long is the delay for openldap's replication mechanism?  I am interested in the ballpark number people may have experience in the past.

I am currently investigating the following openldap implementation for a project.
1. there is one primary openldap server for handling writes.  
2. there are 5 readonly openldap servers that are replicated from the primary write openldap server whenever changes happen.

changes are always written to the primary openldap write server.  reads are load balance against the readonly openldap servers.  i am expecting 5% write traffic.  There are a couple million entries in total.  During peak traffic there are about 400,000 requests.  I think changes needs to be replicated within 1 second.  The hardwares are amd 1500 boxes running linux over a 100mb lan.  I need to determine if the delay in the replication mechanism is within tolerance of my app.  


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