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Re: replication question

>> What I'm trying to setup is a "cloud" of ldap servers on different
>> machines that keep each other in sync.
> 	To the maintainers: Can we please
> (a) Make the multimaster code not "experimental" anymore,

NO.  IT is experimental and it will remain until a robust
solution is implemented.  If you want to use it at own risk,

> or at least
> set some game plan/milestone/minimum test requirements for getting it
> out of "experimental"?  What's it been, two years now?

The current solution will NEVER be reliable, so the milestone is:

multimaster  infinity

If you wish to implement and submit a reliable implementation,
then you can also set the milestone, it's up to you.  I think
this reply should be added to the FAQ; it is intended that there
is no mention of multimaster in the documentation since there
is NO multimaster code in slapd, only an EXPERIMENTAL HACK for
multimaster.  Since we do not intend to spend time replying to
questions like "why multimaster does not work?" or "I hae a
conflict between multimasters, how can I solve it?", we want
to be clear the slapd supports NO MULTIMASTER options.

> (b) Add this question to the FAQ?

See above.

Pierangelo Masarati