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replication question

This is perhaps an unrealistic request, or perhaps someone has figured out a hack for it. At any rate, is it possible to have 'peer' replication? I've seen (in the mail archives) the question asked several times, but I have not seen a response (perhaps because it truly isn't possible).

What I'm trying to setup is a "cloud" of ldap servers on different machines that keep each other in sync.

I think this has also been referred to as "symmetric" replication.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to accomplish this? Writing code is certainly an option (although I cannot make a project out of this, at least not a long-term one).

From what I can see, just setting up a "loop" of servers will cause what I've seen referred to as a replication-loop... where everyone keeps trying to update everything (although I guess what I don't understand at first glance is this: why does a modification that doesn't "modify" (well, anything other than perhaps the modification time) cause an entry to be placed in the repllog file? Is this perhaps the place to "hack" this modification in??