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Re: replication question

> What I'm trying to setup is a "cloud" of ldap servers on different
> machines that keep each other in sync.

	To the maintainers: Can we please

(a) Make the multimaster code not "experimental" anymore, or at least set
some game plan/milestone/minimum test requirements for getting it out of
"experimental"?  What's it been, two years now?

(b) Add this question to the FAQ?

	Gary: it's called "Multi-master" or "multiple master" replication.
There is "experimental" code that has been in production use in at least
one ISP without any problems, and I think that at least two others on this
list have piped up in the last month or so to say that they are using it
without problems.  The code seems simple enough but the fact that it is
considered "experimental" means a simple

rpm -ivh openldap-blah.rpm   (or whatever your system's package tool is)

	becomes a build headache.  Since multimaster is generally to be
used across homogenous servers, the best plan is to build your own RPM.

	Within the last couple of weeks there has been a lengthy
discussion about theoretical conflict resolution but the good news is that
conflicts are rarely (ever?) seen in real life.  Unless you're storing
bank accounts or medical records the risk is acceptably low.

	Do a Google search for "OpenLDAP multi master" or "OpenLDAP
Multiple Master" and something should come up.