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Re: User Passwd Change Problem

ons, 2002-11-06 kl. 15:48 skrev Jehan PROCACCIA:

> Just a hint ... are your password in crypt ? by default openldap 2.1.8
> has crypt password disable , in that case  use --enable-crypt at compile
> time .

I don't think so. The above remark has to do with encrypting the
userPasswords stored in Openldap. This is a PAM thing.

Many on this list helped me with sorting out my /etc/pam.d files.
Without those people, I wouldn't have managed to get all PAM-based login
stuff working. However, I've noticed that users with PAM problems have
recently been referred to the PADL lists; PADL issues the 2 PAM modules

Perhaps Tim can look back in the archives for the Openldap list, working
backwards from July/June. He'll find much help there.




Tony Earnshaw

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