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Re: ou=Addressbook vs ou=People ?

ons, 2002-11-06 kl. 21:31 skrev Adam Williams:

> >I just want to get some thoughts about how i should proceed 
> >with setting up our Corp. Addressbook.  I have gotten email 
> >clients to be able to lookup employee's addresses via outlook 
> >and netscape (still fumbling with mozilla 1.x). Now, currently 

> Congrats!  I've seen people claim that was impossible!  Although it worked 
> out-a-the-box for me.

Netscape 6 doesn't have any LDAP capability (don't know about Netscape
7), Netscape 4.7 has LDAPv2 capability, Mozilla 1.x has LDAPv3
capability. Even with 'allow bind_v2', Netscape 4.7 gives errors with
Openldap 2.1, but works in the end. Those that work, work with SSL as

None of the above let you actually do limited management of your address
book, like Evolution does.




Tony Earnshaw

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