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Re: Storing certs for remote servers ref'd by back-ldap

ons, 2002-11-06 kl. 15:35 skrev Stephen Brandon:

> I have just tried to point the back-ldap backend at a ldaps:// source, and 
> it's complaining about the certificate being self-signed. I have a copy of 
> the certificate in question, in DER format.

> - in which config file do I put a reference to the certificate? It's not one 
> of the TLS config options, since they are for running slapd on a secure port.

> - what format should the cert be in? Do I need to use openssl to convert it 
> to some other form?

DER encoded certs won't work, you need PEM encoded such.

Look back in this list a couple of days and you'll see how to convert




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