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Re: Schema & Strucutal objecclass in 2.1.X (Re: setting up LDAP question)

> What astonish me is that even schemas that comes with openldap 2.1.8
> don't seem to respect those scpecifications, eg I get problems with
> posixAccount objectclass and kerberosSecurityObject!.

schema file sthat come with OpenLDAP 2.1.8 are defined in
standard track documents; it is not OpenLDAP responsibility
if their design is flawed, or if you use them in an
inappropriate manner.  You cannot use two structural
objectclasses in the same entry; this is stated by the
LDAP protocol, so if your needs cannot be satisfied by
the protocol you may consider using another one instead
of complaining about FREE software.

> Do I have to rewrite all the objectclass definitions ? or change all my
> entries objectclass ?

You do not have to redesing any objectclass; you have to use
them in the appropriate manner

Pierangelo Masarati