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Re: setting up LDAP question

>And if it is better to stay with 2.0, do I have to alter something to the 
>ldif file and the local.schema to make it upward compatible with the 
>2.1.8 version? 

No,  you can move up from 2.0.x to 2.1.x without any more work than a
pair of slapcat & slapadd commands --- **IF** you READ and FOLLOW the
LDAP version 3 documentation/specificaion.  2.0.x will let you cut
corners on the protocol spec that 2.1.x will *NOT*.  So if you cut
corners you'll have to massage your Dit slapcat-ed from 2.0.x in order
to slapadd it to a 2.1.x DSA.