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What slurpd is waiting for?


I'm using openldap 2.0 and just set up a simple replication between 1 master 
and 1 slave. I got following picture: when i modify master slapd it writes 
replog, then slurpd watched it, truncates this replog and write its own 
replog in the 'temporary directory'. It's all.

slurpd.replog now contains the replica
slurpd.status is empty
slave doesn't receive the replica never

man slurpd(8) says: "Normally, slurpd processes the replog file and then 
watches for more replication entries to be appended." Not too informative. 
How many replicas to be appended before slurp will go to bind to the slave?

AND what should i do to periodically 'flush' saved replicas - without waiting 
for 'fulfilling' of the slurp 'buffer'?