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Re: What slurpd is waiting for?

hi alls!

 about the number of changes that are necessary to run the slurpd i dont
have any idea. but i  think that your problem is other and i think this
because your status file is empty.

the status file must have one string for replica defined at slapd.conf. the
format of this string is the next:

    host of slave : port of slave : time of last change aplicated to this
slave : one code that i dont know

if your slurpd.status is empty i think that you dont connect the master to
slave never.


PD: anypone have any idea about the last code of the string that i have
described before?

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From: "Al Nikolov" <al@iac.spb.ru>
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Sent: Saturday, November 02, 2002 4:31 PM
Subject: What slurpd is waiting for?

> Hi
> I'm using openldap 2.0 and just set up a simple replication between 1
> and 1 slave. I got following picture: when i modify master slapd it writes
> replog, then slurpd watched it, truncates this replog and write its own
> replog in the 'temporary directory'. It's all.
> slurpd.replog now contains the replica
> slurpd.status is empty
> slave doesn't receive the replica never
> man slurpd(8) says: "Normally, slurpd processes the replog file and then
> watches for more replication entries to be appended." Not too informative.
> How many replicas to be appended before slurp will go to bind to the
> AND what should i do to periodically 'flush' saved replicas - without
> for 'fulfilling' of the slurp 'buffer'?
> Thanks