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Re: popa3d not working when using start_tls or ssl ldap

At 09:20 AM 2002-10-21, marc.bigler@day.com wrote:
>I currently have the problem where the POP daemon popa3d doesn't work
>anymore when I switched from normal LDAP to encrypted LDAP using either
>start_tls or ssl both doesn't work.

You should take popa3d-specific problems to a popa3d mailing list.
Before you do that, you might want to make sure that ldapsearch(1)
works well with both Start TLS and ldaps://.

>This is really strange as I thought that would be managed by the OS itself
>(Solaris) and not by the program so switching to SSL LDAP in theory
>shouldn't affect this program such as it didn't affect telnetting to the

More likely that what you thought to be true isn't.