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Re: openldap server load serving sendmail access map

> Curtis,
> This is proly an OT post, so you might get a better response on
> news:comp.mail.sendmail or other sendmail related mailing lists.

It is not that OT, unless all the optimization
of the LDAP server has already been put in place.

> Having said that, I am also interested in this subject so hopefully Kurt
> will not cut our discuission short.  ;)  In my limited research, I found
> that the "access" query is not an issue, but rather an amount of queries
> needed to process one email delivery.  If I remember correctly, sendmail
> will run up to 50 'access' queries for each message going thru sendmail.
> So depending on your email volume, your LDAP server will need to be able
> to run hunderds if not thousdands of queries per second.  I will work
> toward reducing the amount of LDAP queries needed per email transaction.

It is correct that sendmail will make a very poor use of the LDAP
map since many queries are repeated for generality without any
caching (the same applies to samba, at least to my knowledge).
However there's something you can do; first be sure you add the
appropriate indices to the attributes you're using in the filter
(the OR'ed ones).  Then, use an appropriate cache.  You may find
more info in the Admin Guide, in the FAQ and in the archives
of the mailing list.


> -Igor
> On Tue, 22 Oct 2002, curtis wrote:
>> We are looking at migrating to LDAP as part of the architecture of our
>> hosted e-mail product.
>> As a test we started by making the access map served by LDAP.  The
>> sendmail gateway is running on an Ultra 2 w/300MHZ proc with sendmail
>> 8.12.5 compiled with openldap.  The LDAP server is a Ultra 2 w/dual
>> 300MHZ procs and also runs PostgreSQL (with minimal load).
>> Even after "optimizing" the access map query for simplicity (which
>> lowered the load), slapd is consuming roughly 50% of the CPU.  The
>> query has been simplified to:
>> Kaccess ldap -T<TMPF> -1 -v sendmailMTAMapValue -k
>> (&(sendmailMTAMapName=access)(sendmailMTAKey=%0))
>> The prior query which consumed even more CPU (but not substantially
>> more) was:
>> Kaccess ldap -T<TMPF> -1 -v sendmailMTAMapValue -k
>> (&(objectClass=sendmailMTAMapObject)(|(sendmailMTACluster=${sendmailMTACluster})
>> (sendmailMTAHost=$j))(sendmailMTAMapName=access)(sendmailMTAKey=%0))
>> The load on the sendmail server averages around 100 processes.  The
>> CPU load on the LDAP server is more than that of the sendmail server.
>> While I would expect more overhead for the LDAP solution based on the
>> flexibility and all, it seems disproportionately high.
>> The load seemed slightly better when I bound slapd to one processor,
>> although that could have been a slight difference of load between the
>> unbound test and the bound test.
>> Any input would be appreciated as an LDAP architecture would solve
>> some headaches we have as well as lend itself to an overall better
>> architecture.
>> Thanks in advance,
>>   -- Curt
>> Curtis Wilbar
>> Virtual E-Services Network, Inc.
>> curtis@vesn.com
> --
> Igor

Pierangelo Masarati