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Re: RH 7.3 and OpenLDAP

>am using OpenLDAP for authentication for system as well as Samba et 
>al. I have it working successfully. We have a few users as well as very 
>limited logins on the system. I was wondering whether the stock RH 7.3 
>OpenLDAP package spawning about 15 OpenLDAP processes is normal ?
>How would I reduce these numbers if I wanted to do so to say about 5 
>OpenLDAP slapd processes.

Yes, this is normal.

Do you have nscd running?  If not you should,  this will take load of 

If Samba is using your slapd that will drive the number of connections up 
as it does not yet do connection pooling. :(

You can use "threads" to limit the number of threads,  but why?  They 
don't really cost very much.  Remember that these are threads, not 
processes.  More or less all the memory is shared,  so don't sum up the 
numbers you see in top/ps.

If your worried about load on the master then create replicants on the 
server(s) that are generating the bulk of the requests (a mail server for 
instance is a good candidate for having it's own copy).

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