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Re: Mysql as a backend for LDAP

søn, 2002-09-29 kl. 13:53 skrev Jesse W. Asher:

> You're absolutely correct on both counts.  The issue is, again, that 
> most companies DO need a relational database because they have a LOT 
> more data than what usually goes into an LDAP server.  Rather than 
> maintaining data in two places, it would be wise to maintain it in one 
> place and have the LDAP server interact with the database server to 
> deliver its data.  That's why it is useful to have an LDAP server be 
> able to use a database server as a backend.

A deal of LDAP clients can interface, for example, Novell's eDirectory.
Which is the main NetWare database for everything pertaining to a
NetWare organization's data.

If you'd ever seen what's possible to store in eDirectory, on an
organization-wide (often Internet) basis, with whole or partial
replication, on Internet-wide scale, I doubt whether you'd have written
the above. It would be the database admin's nightmare.




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