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Re: Mysql as a backend for LDAP

Oddly, I frequently use the same reason to argue for putting data in
ldap rather than oracle or mysql.  The fact that ldap is based on open
standards while rdbms aren't (last I took the time to look, anyway)
seems to me to weigh heavily in ldap's favor.

-- On Sep 27,  4:52pm, "Jesse W. Asher" wrote:
> Subject: Re: Mysql as a backend for LDAP
> >
> >Yes, but you don't want to.  Why does everyone keep thinking using an
> >RDBMS as a backend to LDAP is a good idea?  And mysql no less...  I
> >might be able to understand Oracle, DB2, etc...  If you don't understand
> >why this is a terrible idea please go read the FAQ entry about this.
> >
> Why?  Because having the data in a relational backend allows one to use 
> that same data for many other things.  My philosophy is to do my best to 
> have as few data sources as possible and to minimize the number of 
> places that data must be maintained.    Having this data in a database 
> has a LOT of advantages.
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