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Re: client dns lookups, can they be disabled?

ons, 2002-09-25 kl. 16:32 skrev Stig Venaas:

> > tor, 2002-09-19 kl. 15:26 skrev Andrew Findlay:
> > > If DNS lookups have a significant effect on search time, there is
> > > something badly wrong with your DNS setup. DNS lookups on domains
> > > under your control should be lightning-fast.
> > As DNS admin: Seconded!

> What if I'm using LDAP to store my zone data, and the client connecting
> is BIND, and BIND cannot respond until it has connected to the LDAP
> server... It could be useful for performance as well when you have a
> lot of connections from random people on the net.

What indeed?

As BIND DNS Admin, with the knowledge that I have at the moment, I'd
never use LDAP for storing my zone data.

Any more than I'd stuff LDAP directory data into an SQL database.

But I might learn better, if my elders and betters convinced me that
they could make such things perform better than the way the great
Creator designed them..




Tony Earnshaw

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