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Re: client dns lookups, can they be disabled?

tor, 2002-09-19 kl. 15:26 skrev Andrew Findlay:

> If DNS lookups have a significant effect on search time, there is
> something badly wrong with your DNS setup. DNS lookups on domains
> under your control should be lightning-fast.

As DNS admin: Seconded!

> Using IP addresses in configs is a false 'economy' - when you need to
> re-organise your servers you will have far fewer options if everything
> has fixed addresses wired into the config. It will also prevent you

I should have said DNS and mailadmin. As well as ldapadmin. If you're
using a proper smtp server, which does what it's supposed to, how it's
supposed to, you'll completely mess it up by not implementing DNS

So, Geoff, back to the drawing board :-)




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