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client dns lookups, can they be disabled?


I have a system with slapd on a server with a known IP address. OpenLDAP has been build with the rdns lookups disabled.

When I use ldapsearch (or any client which uses the openLDAP client libraries) to perform a search on the database at this server (by specifying the IP address of the server), the client appears to attempt to perform a DNS lookup before the bind operation (an ethereal trace shows this).

Is there any way to prevent this? It slows down the search considerably.

The same test has been performed with clients that do not use the openLDAP client library and the DNS lookups do not occur.

Initially when looking through the openLDAP library source, I suspected something with getaddrinfo() called in ldap_connect_to_host() in the os-ip.c module, however the AI_CANONNAME flag in the hints structure appears to be initialized not to get the host name.