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Re: French character use in user defined Attribut or Class name

At 12:27 AM 2002-09-23, M.-A. DARCHE wrote:
>Le 2002-09-19 09:25 (jeudi), Jimmy Beaulieu/ssigri/sct a écrit / 
>On 2002-09-19 09:25 (jeudi), Jimmy Beaulieu/ssigri/sct wrote :
>> Thank you all for your answers, but I think I have to clarify my question.
>> sorry for the my previous unclear question.
>> What I really want to know is if its possible to declare user (my own type
>> of...)  Attributs or Classes in the .schema files using latin characters??
>I never have created my own classes and attributes using Latin
>characters in their names and don't know if it is possible.

No.  Attribute and object class names are restricted
to [A-Za-z0-9-].  Localization of these names is expected
to be done by the user interface.

>The main point when dealing with i18n is to have DN and attribute values
>that are able to hold any kind of characters, so applications can
>present their users internationalized output.
>Wanting attribute and class names in Latin characters seems to me like
>wanting to program using Latin types or classnames. I've never seen
>anything like this, neither could I imagine it really useful.
>Why such a need, or maybe it's just curiosity ?
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