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Number of replicated systems?

Netscape/iPlanet have always told us that when we got to about 7 or 8 replicated hosts we would be at the system's limit, and would need to introduce a "hub" system. That's just a system that gets updates from the master, and then in turn sends out updates to its own cluster of slave systems (so it's a cascading replicator, both master and slave).

In any case, I never found out if they were right since I've never gone over 6 slave hosts. Is there some data out there on how many replicated hosts one can have off a single master? I'd like to rearchitect our LDAP service entirely and end up with something like a dozen hosts replicated off a single master. Is this feasible?

Unfortunately I don't have enough non-production hardware to do the testing myself and find out the right way.