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Re: French character use in user defined Attribut or Class name

Le 2002-09-19 09:25 (jeudi), Jimmy Beaulieu/ssigri/sct a écrit / 
On 2002-09-19 09:25 (jeudi), Jimmy Beaulieu/ssigri/sct wrote :
> Thank you all for your answers, but I think I have to clarify my question.
> sorry for the my previous unclear question.
> What I really want to know is if its possible to declare user (my own type
> of...)  Attributs or Classes in the .schema files using latin characters??

I never have created my own classes and attributes using Latin
characters in their names and don't know if it is possible.

The main point when dealing with i18n is to have DN and attribute values
that are able to hold any kind of characters, so applications can
present their users internationalized output.

Wanting attribute and class names in Latin characters seems to me like
wanting to program using Latin types or classnames. I've never seen
anything like this, neither could I imagine it really useful.
Why such a need, or maybe it's just curiosity ?


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