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Re: Performance with OpenLDAP 2.0.26 and Samba

>I hope this is not too much off topic. I think the coexistence of Samba and
>OpenLDAP is subject.
>For a school in Germany I set up OpenLDAP with Samba as a PDC.
>The Performance seemed to be fine at first.
>But now I noticed that about every 90 minutes, when the next lesson begins
>and ~160 User log in, the server's CPU gets 100% loaded for periods of
>several seconds.
>I noticed that slapd gets called for every "net use L: \\myserver\myShare".

Do you have nscd running?  You should.

>I assume that samba binds with the ldap to see if the user has the
>appropriate rights (groups etc). That would be 160 Users * 10 Binds.
>Has anyone experienced equal problems?
>My indices:
>index   sn,uid,mail             eq,sub
>index   objectClass             pres,eq
>index   uidNumber,gidNumber,rid eq

Index memberuid and cn (assuming your group names are stored as "cn" of the
posixgroup object and your members are in memberuid)

>I need the "mail" index for postfix. All others are more or less guesswork
>from me. The Server has enough RAM (1GB) but CPU is short (1GHz PIII).

Should be plenty.  My DSA/PDC is a Ppro200 w/384Mb and it handles ~150 users
without breaking stride.

You have adjusted fs.file-max?

See -