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Re: Problem with high-bit characters

fre, 2002-09-20 kl. 06:41 skrev Dan Lowe:

> I am trying to migrate from Netscape Directory Server 4.x to OpenLDAP 
> 2.0.25.  I'm having a hard time figuring out how to get OpenLDAP to 
> accept values which might contain high-bit characters (such as é).  For 
> those reading this in something that renders only low-bit ASCII, what I 
> have there is an "e" with an accent mark above it.  This is commonly 
> used in non-English languages such as French - similar to ó ("o" with 
> accent mark) used in for instance Spanish.

> In any case, I have such characters in an attribute mailAutoReplyText 
> (which as the name implies contains a string used when email 
> auto-replies are in use).  In the LDIF exported by Netscape, this 
> string is base64-encoded, for instance:

> mailautoreplytext:: VGhpcyBpcyBhIHTpc3Q=

> Which decoded reads "This is a tést".

Search for the string "UTF-8" in the Openldap admin guide, gettaple from
www.openldap.org. I have no trouble inputting names like Bjørn or Åge
(Bjoern, Aage) :-)

Hope this helps,




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