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Re: userPassword encryption

fre, 2002-09-20 kl. 00:54 skrev Nuno Rodrigues:

> Right, but if i add a userPassword in clear text and if at follow i use 
> ldapsearch with correct permissions, the passoword listed is not a clear 
> text. So, i supose that still have a encryption method applied by ldap 
> server when receives the clear text password.

>From ldapsearch you'll get a base64 encoding (recognizable with two '::'
characters instead of the usual one after attributes, in as much as the
password can include "funny" characters (apart from anything else, 8-bit

If you use GQ for part management, you'll see cleartext passwords
rendered as proper cleartext, crypt as {crypt}, md5 as {md5} etc.




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