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Re: program compiling LDAP


sorry for coming into in the middle of the thread :o)

I experienced the following :

I'm using LINUX with Kernel 2.4.19 on x86-hardware.

My intention is to "upgrade" an "old" 2.0.25 which now uses
berkeleydb3 to use berkeleydb4.

berkeleydb4 is installed in /usr/local/berkeleydb4.
berkeleydb3 is installed in /usr/(lib/include ...)

So i made a script wich invokes the following lines
(hope i remember correctly cause now i don't have access to
the machine)

export LDFLAGS="-L/usr/local/berkeleydb4/lib"
export CPPLAGS="-I/usr/local/berkeleydb4/include"

./configure \
 --enable-ldbm \

Now, what happens is, that ldd on slapd shows me ,
that slapd uses both berkeleydb3 and berkeleydb4 ...

Can't show you output of ldd (cause no chance to reach machine) ...

What's wrong in what i'm doing ?

Greets Harry

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