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Re: web address book

Quoting Mike Forsman <mikef@newmorningwindows.com>:

 | John Green wrote:
 | >Just looking for some quick advice: I'm looking to set up a company
 | >directory on our intranet using OpenLDAP, running on a PHP-enabled 
 | >webserver.  A few choices: ldap-abook, rolodap, web2ldap.  Has anyone 
 | >these, or others?  I would prefer open source software, but any 
 | >are welcome.

I would suggest you take a look at turba in the horde/imp family of apps.  
Also has the best O.S. webmail app, a great shared calendar, memos, 
tasks, bookmarks, comics and several other apps.  Extremely well 
designed and developed framework.


 | I installed Rolodap in June of this year. None of the users have made 
 | use of it after the initial transfer from Exchange.
 | I'm still trying to figure out whether it's because it's too difficult 
 | to use, or we just don't update profiles that often. It
 | seems allright to me.
 | Mike Forsman