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Re: French character use in user defined Attribut or Class name

> Im currently testing openldap to see if it's a suitable solution for our
> futur directory.
> One of the point that I need to look at is, if openldap support french
> character (é,è,ù,ç) in a user defined Attribut or class.
> So far, with the preliminary test that I've done I would say that it dont
> support internationnal character, but only english ones, probably because
> of the UTF-8 standard.
> in bref, my questions are:
>      - Does openldap or ldap in general support french or internationnal
> character in user defined Attribut and class???
>      - If it does: How can it be done??
>      - if it does'nt: Why??
>      - Finally, can someone point me to some information on that
> subject??
> Thanks Jimmy

I am using OpenLdap with icelandic characters (é ó ú á í ð æ)and I have not
encountered any problems.

I have mostly been using PHP to add entries to my directory and I have just
encoded the values
from the webpages like this before I write them to the directory:
  $cn = utf8_encode($cn);
  $street = utf8_encode($street);

And before I display them I convert them back to ISO-8859-1 with:
  $cn = utf8_decode($info[$i]["cn"][0]);

Other languages have similar commands to encode strings to utf-8

The LDAP browser I am using (http://www.iit.edu/~gawojar/ldap/) is also
supporting UTF-8 and
displays the entries correctly.

Veigar Freyr Jökulsson