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Re: Solaris automount and Openldap

Karsten Künne wrote:
On Tuesday 17 September 2002 03:01, Heinrich Rebehn wrote:
| Hi Karsten,
| thanks for your success story. Anyway, by the time of reading it, i had
| already given Solaris 9 a try (after no succes with Solaris 8) and it
| worked immediately without changes! The only thing is that, if the key
| contains an underscore ("_") or period, automount fails! The entry is shown
| while browsing the automount point, but i cannot access it. If i remove the
| underscore from the key name, it works. Did you experience similar
| behaviour?

Good to know that Solaris 9 works out of the box! I didn't try it yet but it's on my list. We don't have any keys with underscores or periods in them so we didn't see that problem. But we have some keys with uppercase characters which we had to escape with a "%" according to Sun's convention. For instance, our entry for /opt/SUNWspro looks like this (ugly):

dn: cn=/opt/%S%U%N%Wspro,nismapname=auto_direct,dc=rentec,dc=com
cn: /opt/%S%U%N%Wspro

Oh, i did not know that! As it turned out, my entries containing the underscores also contained uppercases! After escaping theese all works fine. Where is this funny convention documented? I never had such problems with NIS+

I wonder whether this is still necessary with Solaris 9?
Yes, it is :-((

If you want to try ldap automounter under Solaris 9, you might want to take a look at http://docs.sun.com/?q=%22new+automount+schema%22&p=/doc/816-4856/6mb1q0bl4&a=view

They talk about a new automount schema there. I have not bothered trying it, because the old one still works.

| | On a related note, one can always get the Solaris automounter to work using | executable maps, but then browsing does not work. |

Yes, but we're still using NIS+ as our main name service and import all the maps and everything from there and it works fine for us. LDAP as Solaris name service is still in test here.

Our main server isn't Solaris anymore, it's a Intel/FreeBSD machine and it does not know NIS+