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pam_ldap with solaris 8

ok, I figured out most of this stuff, but I've got one last thing that is not
working...  I have edited my nsswitch.conf, ldap_client_file, and
ldap_client_cred.  When doing a listusers, finger, etc everything shows up.
But, when doing su - USER it is not authenticating properly.  When using su,
I just get "incorrect password".  When using proftpd, I get "User xxxxxx needs
Secure RPC credentials to login." and "USER xxxxxx (Login failed): Incorrect

I can take the userPassword, remove the {crypt}, and put it in /etc/shaddow,
I can login.  I think this has something to do with pam_ldap, but I would
prefer to use the default pam_ldap.so (that comes with sun), and don't really
want to use any 3rd party pam modules.

Anyone know what might be going wrong?
Has anyone gotten authentication working with the default sun pam_ldap?

any help would be appreciated.

thanks - Chuck